Contacting me is easy. Just email me at: leah[at]

I'm always happy to accept more freelance work. If you are interested in working with me feel free to email me at any time to discuss your project, budget, and time frame. It would be cool if you made the email subject relevant to your inquiry, so I don't miss it in my inbox in the midst of all the spam I recieve daily. I look forward to hearing from you, and would be honored if you wanted to work with me on a project!

If you want to request a copy of my resume, I would be happy to do so. Just send that request to the email address listed above. For any other inquiries I have not answered, you know the drill--email away!

And finally, if you want to contact me out of sheer randomness, you don't have to be shy either. I'm pretty talkative and am usually online 24/7. I am always interested in networking with like minded individuals. So, what are you waiting for?